6 steps to put your customers in control of their personal data with neostore.cloud

More and more countries are adopting regulations about privacy and protection of personal data.

Neostore has taken into consideration « privacy by design » concept and has implemented specific features to help you to comply with such regulations (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD…).

Moreover, as customers are now able to retake control of his/her personal data and as « third-party data » is less and less relevant, Neostore promotes and helps you to collect « Zero-party data » or « Earned data »: data directly provided by the customer to a brand in a trusting environment.

1 A platform built with technologies limiting personal data processing without losing contact with your customers

  • No directly identifying data is required to send push notification and/or manage wallet or loyalty card of your customers. Only one token/unique ID number is generated and processed.
  • Then, your cashiers do not need to access to identifying data to use loyalty card and/or voucher of your customers. A scan of his/her phone at the Point Of Sale only is necessary.
  • For registration and to sign in, the feature « Apple Sign-in » is available for customers, including the « Hide my email » feature to avoid identifying data sharing (like name or email address) with the brand. In this case, a token/unique ID number is generated and processed.
  • Neostore does not store any data for the authentication of your customers.

2 Keep control on your data storage and limit the duplication of data

  • Neostore does not store data provided by your customers via your Neostore layout. After being collected, such data is directly stored into your system/CRM tool (Cegid Retail, Salesforce…).
  • If a regulation requiring local storage in a specific country (Russia, China…) applies to you, a storage directly to your local servers could be considered.

3 Minimise the processing of personal data and collect data you really need about your customers of data

  • Into your Neostore layout, you can collect data from your customers you really need regarding your purpose(s) and then, minimise data to build trust with them. Neostore does not impose to collect specific data from your customers.
  • Data minimisation is one of principles relating to processing of personal data in several regulations in the world.

4 Build trust with your customer: Collection of consent and provide transparent information

  • Thanks to a trusting environment, customers are more inclined to provide their data to brands. Then, the quality of your data and your customer experience will improve.
  • According to its « Zero party data » vision, Neostore helps you to collect consent of your customers:
  • Into your Neostore layout, you can implement one or more consent check box (« Opt-in ») with a relevant information notice regarding the purpose.
  • For example: To comply with the CCPA, you can add a « Do not sell my personal information » checkbox.
  • This consent could be logged into your CRM tool if such storage is possible.
  • You can provide to your customers all needed information to comply with transparency information requirement in application of privacy regulations. Such information could be provided with a first layer of information and a link to your complete privacy policy.
  • A GDPR information template could be shared with you.
  • This feature could also be used as evidence of implementation of a « freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous » consent as required by GDPR.

5 Keep your Consent Management Platform (CMP) for your cookies policy 

  • If Neostore encourages to stop using third-party data, you can also implement into your Neostore layout your own CMP.

6 Help your customer to exercise their rights regarding their personal data

  • The platform could be used to encourage customers to exercise their rights (modification, deletion, opposition…) directly from it.

You have any question about Privacy issues? Neostore could help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to use layout from your own e-commerce website to build up your GDPR compliance, you can also use our API.

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