Neostore offers many features

Neostore helps retailers capture quality customer data and offers a customer card in consumers’ smartphones. Our tools also facilitate customer identification in store.

All services are guaranteed to comply with regulations regarding personal data.

Customer base & loyalty

Neostore simplifies customer data capture using optimized web pages to delegate real-time customer data collection in your stores.

  • QR code, SMS or NFC
  • A customer onboarding process 10 times faster
  • Improved data quality
  • Control of duplicates of your customer files

Wallet and marketing mobile

  • Boost retention and sales with Mobile Wallet marketing campaigns.
  • Push notifications geofencing and marketing.

Communication, in real time, of all useful information for the customer: loyalty points, available voucher, receipt, etc.)

‘Walletized’ customers spend on average 40% more than other customers.

Engage your users with high-converting mobile experiences using native Wallet mobile apps (Apple & Google Wallet).

Protection of personal data and consent

  • Increase the opt-in rate & manage consent;
  • Comply with regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR, CCPA);

Our platform is designed to comply with personal data protection standards and guarantee customer consent for the use of their data.

  • Proof of consent
  • Clear legal notices
  • Double opt-in

In-store identification

  • Increase in-store customer identification;
  • A personalized customer experience

Our solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, allowing instant communication with nearby customer smartphones.

  • Accelerate collection
  • Increase the connection rate and customer knowledge in store
  • Improve customer experience & satisfaction

100% integrated into your tools

Rapid deployment, without having to maintain an additional database.

Native integrations with existing POS & CRM systems

Neostore relies on third-party APIs to digitize its processes and store data.

Personalization and internationalization

Neostore offers a simple and intuitive interface giving you the possibility to personalize registration forms, notifications, wallet cards, etc. with your logo and your company colors.

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