100% connected with your Retail, CRM and Marketing tools

Neostore has already developed numerous connectors with the main tools on the market. This offers you many advantages:

  • Rapid deployment, without having to maintain an additional database.
  • Native integrations with existing POS & CRM systems

Neostore relies on third-party APIs to digitize its processes and store data.

Already numerous connectors to the main tools


Apple wallet

Neostore natively integrates the management of Apple Wallet cards (loyalty, vouchers, orders, etc.).
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Google Wallet

Neostore natively integrates Google Wallet card management (loyalty, voucher, order, etc.).
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Integration of Samsung Wallet into the neostore platform.
Coming soon

POS & ecommerce


Connect neostore to your Cegid Retail solutions to engage your customers and simplify identification.
Déjà disponible


Integrate Shopify ecommerce and POS solutions with neostore to offer cards
Déjà disponible


Connect with Adyen payment terminal to display our QR redirection code to read NFC cards.
Déjà disponible


Groupe Positive (ex- sarbacane)

Connect neostore to the positive group's marketing solutions (1by1)
Déjà disponible


Connect Klaviyo to neostore to register more customers in Wallets and send automated messages from Flows.
Déjà disponible


Connect Actito to neostore to register more customers in 'Wallets' and send automated messages from your sequences.
Déjà disponible

One of your tools doesn't have connectors yet?

No problem ! We have primarily developed connectors to the main Retail, CRM and Marketing tools, but we continue to create new ones and we can create others according to your needs.

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