Mobile wallets, new unified commerce hub

Modern engagement channel that connects the online and physical world to improve your customers’ shopping experience.

All your cards in phones via mobile Wallets

Loyalty card

Loyalty cards are useful for informing your customers’ loyalty status in real time (points, vouchers, available rewards, etc.) Elles sont pratiques pour simplifier l’identification en magasin, cumuler des points et recevoir des offres spéciales.

Membership card

Much more than a simple digital card, the membership card offers access to key customer account information (preferences, stores, purchases, services, etc.) Elles sont pratiques pour simplifier l’identification en caisse, suivre ses achats ou encore effectuer des retours sans ticket.

Offers, vouchers & gift cards

Offer vouchers directly to your customers' smartphones. Envoyez des rappels automatiques aux porteurs lorsqu’ils visitent vos magasins. Les offres digitales dans les wallets sont pratiques pour faciliter l’utilisation en magasin, suivre la date de validité ou encore les partager à un proche.

Wallets are easy to use for customers

The use of wallets is now very widespread. Customers are already used to using it.

No need for your customers to install a new application: wallets are native tools

Apple Cartes

Google Wallet

Useful information at your fingertips

Useful information at your fingertips Communicate all useful information in real time to your customers’ phones.

  • Loyalty points & vouchers
  • Promotional offers
  • Birthday gifts
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Cash receipts
  • Web order statuses

Your customers can simply add their card to their mobile

  • By QR code in store
  • Email, text
  • ‘My account’ page on your e-commerce site
  • Mobile app

Simplified in-store identification

  • Automatic pre-opening of the card on the customer’s phone in store
  • Reading cards in your payment terminals by barcode, QR code or NFC

Invite your customers to come back to the store

Communicate messages in real time to your customers’ mobiles when they pass near your stores. While respecting their privacy. For example, you can invite them to:

  • Discover a new collection
  • Take advantage of promotional offers
  • Use active vouchers
  • Collect points
  • Report your presence

Many possibilities thanks to wallets


Design digital cards (loyalty, vouchers, coupons, etc.) that reflect your brand. Master the information published on your cards.


Share secure links to allow your customers to add their cards in one click to their phone (Apple Cards & Google Wallet)


Create Marketing actions to animate your cards (loyalty points, offers & marketing messages). Offer dynamic and personalized content.

Increase retention through personalized messages

Campaigns allow you to adapt the content of your cards and deliver messages based on specific triggers (date of an event, geolocation, customer behavior, etc.)

  • Personalization of the map, visuals,
  • Updating card information,
  • Messages, push notifications…
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