Mobile Wallets: Digitize event tickets for a smooth and secure access experience.

Managing tickets at the entry of events poses a significant challenge for many organizers. Integrating e-tickets into mobile wallets offers serious advantages to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for attendees. Discover in this article how easily this technology will integrate into your strategy. Enjoy reading!

Which sectors are involved ?

The concerned sectors are diverse and include institutions that attract large crowds or require secure and efficient ticket management. These include:

– Museums
– Amusement parks
– Festivals
– Concerts and shows
– Theaters
– Sporting events
– Cinemas
– Conferences and professional exhibitions
– Zoos and aquariums
– Clubs and bars
– Historical sites and monuments

Challenges in Entry Management

Managing entries for high-influence venues is no small feat. It requires precise coordination to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

To achieve this, several parameters must be taken into account:

– Incorporating technological solutions to facilitate the sale, distribution, and management of tickets
– Modernizing entry points for better connectivity
– Securing access by ensuring that only holders of valid tickets can enter the event
– Making the purchase and use of tickets as intuitive and enjoyable as possible
– Offering flexible options to accommodate unforeseen customer needs (refunds and exchanges)
– Protecting participants’ personal information, in accordance with current regulations

The Advantage of Dematerializing Entry Tickets

Increasingly, consumers prefer digitized tickets due to the ease of use they provide. To ensure an impeccable customer experience and thus sustain your business, it is important to adapt to this new trend. Discover the reasons:

Reduces Printing Costs

Switching to digital tickets entirely eliminates the need to print physical tickets. This results in significant savings on costs related to the purchase of paper, ink, and other printing supplies!

Tickets are sent instantly by email or directly to users’ smartphones via dedicated apps, eliminating postage fees and the need for staff to manage physical distribution.

Improves Security

E-tickets are securely stored on participants’ mobile devices, greatly reducing the risks of loss or theft.

They also incorporate advanced security features that cannot be easily replicated, such as unique QR codes or barcodes.

Perfect for ensuring a safer experience for both participants and organizers!

Speeds Up Ticket Verification

Nothing is worse than endless queues! Almost instantaneously verify digital tickets simply by scanning the QR code or barcode. This solution is particularly welcome at large gatherings!

Better Accessibility of Tickets

Gone are the days of desperately searching for your ticket at the bottom of a bag, only to find it sometimes folded or, worse, torn! Customers can purchase and store their digital ticket from anywhere and at any time via their mobile phone. An incredibly practical solution!

Reduces Environmental Impact

By reducing paper printing, you decrease your environmental footprint. Elementary, my dear Watson! The icing on the cake is that you improve your image among an increasingly environmentally conscious public.

Data Collection

Digital tickets allow for the collection of detailed information about participants during purchase or registration:

– Preferences
– Demographic data
– Participation history
– Etc.

This data enables organizers to tailor communications and offers for each participant, thus enhancing their experience.

However, all data collection and analysis must comply with privacy and data security laws!


Digital ticketing systems allow users to easily modify their tickets via an online platform or mobile app.

Whether it’s a change of date, seat, or ticket category, these adjustments can be made in just a few clicks.

Users can also cancel their tickets directly and receive refunds or credits according to the event’s policies.

A time saver for staff and a guaranteed customer satisfaction!

What are the solutions to ticket dematerialization?

Dematerialized PDF

Tickets in PDF format can be easily downloaded from an email or a web page. This accessibility allows users to save them on their devices and print them if necessary.

The downside is that it can be challenging to manage PDF files on mobile devices, especially if the user needs to navigate between different applications.

Another drawback is the difficulty in correctly zooming in on ticket details, particularly the QR code. Additionally, the often insufficient brightness of mobile screens can also complicate the reading of information.

Native Mobile Application

Native apps offer a variety of features that enhance the user experience:

– Resale management
– Ticket security
– Dynamic QR codes (change with each opening or transaction, making duplication or forgery extremely difficult)

The problem is that customers must download an app and create an account, which can be seen as a barrier, especially if the user interface is not intuitive.

Integrating NFC can also be complex due to restrictions imposed by some smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple, and technical challenges for developers.

Not to forget, the initial cost of developing a native app, as well as ongoing costs for updates and maintenance, can be high!

Mobile Wallet

Participants can add tickets directly

to their wallet via a link sent by email, directly on the ticketing site, or by scanning a QR code at the event entrance.

This way, they can keep them organized in one place, accessible at any time from their smartphone.

However, integrating mobile wallets with existing ticketing systems can present challenges, as it often requires technical adjustments to ensure compatibility between different platforms.

What are the features related to digital ticketing?

The features have evolved to significantly improve the user experience and event management. Notably:

Ticket Customization

Ticketing publishers have developed specialized templates that clearly display essential information on the ticket (seating, start and end dates, venues, and other relevant details).

Automatic Reminders

Ticketing systems can send automatic reminders to participants on the day of the event or a few hours before (last-minute information, navigation tips, or weather alerts).

NFC and Dynamic QR Codes

Securing access to events is facilitated by using technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and rotating QR codes that change periodically to prevent duplication. The result is a quick and secure verification, while reducing the risk of fraud.

Link to Digital Wallets

Tickets can be easily integrated into digital wallet applications like Google Wallet, allowing users to store, manage, and access their tickets from their smartphone.

Semantic Tags and Phone Controls

Some advanced features enable the phone to automatically go on silent mode during the event and may also include other context-based automations.

The Role of Mobile Wallets in Managing E-tickets

Mobile wallets, also known as electronic wallets or e-wallets, are native apps designed to store and manage various types of digital information:

– Loyalty cards;
– Special offers and coupons;
– Event and transport tickets;
– Gift cards;
– Boarding passes;
– Promotional messages and notifications;
– etc.

Just one click adds the card from anywhere. Whether it’s from a dedicated email, on the website, or directly at the brand’s point of sale.

Benefits for users using mobile wallets for events


A true single platform, mobile wallets allow you to store and manage all e-tickets.

Instead of juggling between different emails or apps, users can access their tickets from a single interface.

With this centralization, it’s easy to check ticket details, including:

– Dates;
– Times;
– Venue information;

All while having the ability to modify, cancel, or transfer tickets directly from their phone.

A definite advantage for participants as well as for organizers who greatly simplify interactions!

Ease of Use

The customer journey unfolds in 3 steps:

1. First, the customer purchases their ticket online or at a physical point of sale.
2. Then, they download their ticket (with one click or via a QR code at a physical ticketing location).
3. Once at the venue, they present their ticket at the event entrance (QR code/NFC) to the access control.

Improvements in Customer Data Security

Mobile wallets offer enhanced security for the confidentiality and security of personal and transactional information.

This is the case with Neostore, which has implemented specific features to help comply with enforced regulations (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, etc.).

Multi-language Support

Whether it’s at museums, sporting events, or concerts and festivals, visitors often come from all over the world!

By providing multiple languages, mobile wallets become accessible to a larger number of people, which strengthens inclusivity and welcomes international participants.

An important feature to reduce the risk of misunderstandings or errors in understanding the instructions!

Case Study: Radio France Uses Mobile Wallets for Its Ticketing


Radio France, a leading cultural institution, welcomes 200,000 spectators each year to concerts and events organized at the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique. Until very recently, a third of the tickets were still printed.

To address this, it partnered with the Neostore platform to integrate digital tickets into the spectators’ mobile wallets.

From the first day of deployment, more than 35% of the tickets were digitized in the mobile wallets!

As a result, consumers now benefit from smooth and rapid access to events, directly from their mobile phones, while ensuring maximum ticket security.


Ticketing presents multiple challenges that require innovative solutions for efficient and secure entry management.

The digitization of tickets thus presents itself as a solution to modernize access to events:

– Reduced costs
– Increased security
– Improved participant experience

In this context, mobile wallets play a pivotal role in managing e-tickets.

They strengthen participants’ engagement by offering them an enriched and seamless experience thanks to the centralization of tickets directly on smartphones.

An undeniable asset to remain competitive in an evolving market!

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